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A famous blogger a supporter of the a stop Internet censorship was found hanged

At Sunday night, on January 13 the Associated Press agency reported that the famous American programmer and a public figure Aeron Schwarz, who stand for the information freedom in the global Network committed a suicide in his own apartment in Brooklyn, NY – reports Ria Novosti.

According to a court medical expert, 26 years old man was found hanged on Friday. The reason that was make him to do such is unknown.

When Aeron Schwarz was 14 he became a coauthor of the RSS. At the age of 20 he was a cofounder of a popular Internet-portal Raddit. He was the active bloger and wrote a number of good and widely discussed articles. He achieved fame as lieder of Demand Progress activists who propagandized Internet freedom and the censorship cancel.

In 2011 a prosecution against Schwarz began in Boston on suspicion of theft of several million editions of science journals from the computer archive of the Massachusetts University of Technologies. He didn’t’t admit his guilty. A trial was going to start in February 2013.
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