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The Kremlin, government and State Duma write a new law about the Internet

The conception of a future Internet complex law is being considered now by the President's administration and in April it’ll be represented to the world for public discussions. It was reported by the member of the State Duma “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” information policy, informational technology and connections committee Robert Shlegel: the information is confirmed by other committee’ deputies. Questioned “MK” experts and oppositionists afraid of censorship toughening, but they hope that it is impossible to wholly regulate World Wide Web.

According to Robert Shlegel, government, Duma and Presidential Administration reached a consensus: there will be the Internet law. “Now there is a documents’ preparation on the conception level and it is being considered by the President’s administration, - told parliamentarian. Further in April a groundwork will be presented and we will carry out a public discussion. If it will suit everyone then it will be passed. Shlegel assure that this law passing will be in this order.

The deputy said that the law will concern mainly the technical issues. “We need a conceptual mechanism. In a less degree it will deal with blogs and in a more degree - providers, hosting, access, data saving”. Besides the law will make the online use of off-line criminal administrative regulation easier. And this is the situation when the repressive measures will be aimed at blogers. “As a person who always receive threats and outrages in the Net I would like to to recover damages”, admit the member of the “Yedinaya Rossiya” Party. “I do not pay attention on abusive words in Twitter, but outrage is an offence”, - supports him a colleague Vadim Dengin. He told “MK” that Internet became the “territory of cyber crime”.

The preparations will be carried out by Russian Parliamentary Internet Party, that opened 83 portals in each region of the country for offers’ collecting. The representatives of the opposition do not expect anythin good from this law. “I have a suspicious attitude towards everything that is developed by the State Duma. There are always some tricks”, - said the member of “Spravedlivaya Rossiya” committee Andrey Tumanov. However parliamentarian optimistically thinks that the idia to regulate the Net will fail, because “the Internet is more powerful and will find other ways to avoid deputies’ limitations”.

The member of Communist Party and at the same time the active bloger Andrey Klichkov has a similar point of view. He remind that this idea had been discussed earlier with the representatives of different parties. “It was decided then that it is impossible to regulate the Internet because it is easy to avoid limitations”, - said communist. 

The ways to avoid blocking were demonstrated by the online encyclopedia “Lurkmore” that had been included in the blacklist of sites this autumn. 

The representatives of professional community look at the matter more rationally: they do not afraid censorship but at the same time do not feel any necessity for a conceptual mechanism”.

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