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What’s My IP Address?

Personal IP address
Web site visitors need to know exact IP address for many reasons: proxy detection, anonymity, remote desktop connection, tech support. The best way for this is to have static IP address.

IP VPN in other words is a virtual private network that can be added for network security. Visitors in order to find the location of an IP address often use IP Address Lookup. Some folks usually acquire a spam email and learn how to trace e-mails. Others might ask how do I change IP. Anyway the reasons for visiting may be different but every time the visitors are welcomed. Join The What is My IP address Forum for posting all arising questions and getting personal responses.

There is a number of exclusive technology devices (routers , printers, modems) that allows identification of each other on computer network and set a communication. Communication standard is called Internet Protocol standard. In terms it is a mail address. Like home address. For receiving snail mail being at home party that sends the information that must indicate the correct mail address in the network or do not accept bills, or pizza coupons.

All Internet equipment is being taken by the same way. It is impossible to receive information without the specific address. IP may be assigned permanently for email server or business server from a pool of given addresses from Internet service provider. Permanent number is not available in some areas and the price may be higher.

DNS is a domain name system allows IP address translating the unknown words and doing some other operations. It becomes much easier to remember a word stating separately than a range of words. The same is equal for email addresses.

It is much easier to remember a web address name for example than to remember the difficult number it is much easier to remember email consisting of words than an email consisting of words and numbers.

Dynamic IP address
It the Ip address that could not be changed or something like this at any time available. This type of IP address is usually issued to user from a pool of addresses allocated by ISP or some other type of servers. It is for a large number of customers or users not requiring the same address for a variety of reasons. The computer automatically gets the numbers and logs them on the network then saves the trouble for having details available network configurations.

It can be assigned to any user that uses a dial up connection, high speed connections. If you need running email server or web server it would be better to acquire a static IP address.

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