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Firstly, look at my 7 ways to unblock blocked sites. You will like it.

Do you want to know more about proxy functioning?

Proxy tips is a proxy software with special features. Proxy filter helps you to select proxies according to anonymity, protocol type, IP and port number. Ability to create proxy finder is rather important in exporting different formats.
Proxy finder searches for HHTP proxy lists, HTTPS proxy lists and SOCKS. You should specify proxy web site URL where proxy list is located and Proxy finder automatically finds proxy servers. Proxies are added to the program list. Some proxy finders can check added proxies by request or on the fly. They also can be checked for proxy speed, proxy location, proxy anonymity.

Most proxy tools may allow user to scan proxy web sites, proxy lists, HTTPS and SOCKS proxies, import export proxy lists, recognize different proxy list formats, automatically search for proxies using scheduler, extract proxies from different proxy lists simultaneously, scan proxy web sites and extract HTTP proxy lists, HTTPS proxy list and SOCKS proxies list.

Proxy Checker automatically parses lists and provides information about proxy server response time, proxy type, parses proxy lists, proxy location, proxy anonymity.

Proxy functioning can be observed in you tube proxies and help in bypassing proxy restrictions and unblock the most attended sites.

You Tube has a wide range of restrictions for unblocking favourite sites as well as surf privately and securely without additional software on computer.

Bypassing proxy restrictions is opening web proxy sites with URL accessing and clicking “Go”.

Web proxy sends requests to the site, gets the answer, returns back. Web proxy allows to be unknown.

Web proxy can block scripts, images and cookies. With it you can easily unblock You tube.

So we see that Internet is full of risk for security and privacy. Every time you surf the web there are traces left it can reveal real-life identity.

Due to different options available in proxy software you will be able to change IP address, computer information, block potentially harm code and more.

It is possible to restrict accessing any information or provide customized content to specific IP.

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