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IP settings

IP/ TCP makes the language definite in computer settings while connecting it with other computers in the net. The most recommended protocol is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). It addresses to the computer automatically, provides the support to the network. Do not change the settings in case you move your computer in other location if you use DHCP, DHCP does not require manual configure settings such as domain name system or windows internet name service.

1. You are to open network connections clicking the start button, clicking control panel, clicking internet and network, sharing center and then pressing manage connections in the net.

2. Right –click the connection one may see your change and then press the option properties. An administrator may see a prompt or confirmation, provide confirmation, and type the password.

3. Press the button the Networking tab. Under the connection use the following item, then click internet protocol version 4 (IPV4/TCP) or Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6/ TCP), press click properties.

In order to specify IP address settings follow the instruction:

Obtain IP settings automatically, click the button Obtain an IP address automatically, click OK

Specify an IP settings and address, press Use following IP address, the IP address, Subnet mask, type IP address settings in Default gateway boxes

To consider IPv6 IP address make the following actions

Obtain IP settings; click Obtain an IPv6 address automatically, press OK.

Specify an IP address, press Use the IPv6 address, Subnet prefix length and Default gateway boxes, type necessary IP address settings.

DNS server address settings require the following actions:

To obtain DNS server, click automatic settings, press the button Obtain automatically, and click OK.

DNS server address specification requires the click on the option Use the following DNS server address, in Alternate DNS server boxes and preferred DNS server, insert the address of both primary and secondary DNS servers.

Specifying a DNS server address requires click on “Use the following DNS ” server address, then goes Preferred DNS server plus alternate DNS server boxes together with the primary and secondary DNS server.

- For changing DNS, WINS and IP settings use the option Advanced.

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