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THE USA can refuse a visa for developer of Chinese Great Firewall on January 28, 2013

The official site of the White House there are a petition that calls Obama’s administration to refuse the USA visa for the people who help to censor Internet. The petition include 3 Chinese specialists participated in development of the Chinese Great Firewall (GFW). Great Firewall is a system of Internet resources’ filtration in China that is realize the censorship in this country.

In the petition to the White House is said that if someone use his own skills and technology for blocking Internet access for people for the benefit of the government than other countries should fight with such a policy. The petition should collect 100 000 subscriptions till February 24 to have the official consideration and the administration’ answer.

So by the January 27 there are 6 000 subscriptions. It is still unknown who was the initiator of this action but the mentioning there of 3 Chinese experts who work on the Great Firewall cased many disputes in the Chinese social networks. Some people support the application but some think that it is a violation of the scientists’ rights.

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