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The authorities of China promise a freedom of speech and eliminate anonymity in the Internet

The government appointed to citizens the right “to be heard and to know”. It was stated in one of the chapters of the White Papers “The Progress of Human Rights in 2012”.

According to a document 97 government bodies of the central government published a budget data, 98 provided a data of their invoices and also the same quantity of them told publicly about how much they spent on different kind of receptions, foreign business trips of workers, cars for them and other “things”. In addition, a number of government agencies respond to requests of citizens, demanding an explanation for some cost. Meanwhile, the officials were not going to disclose information about their income, assets, etc. Moreover, it is already several years when China speaks about necessity to legalize the official annual report, but so far nothing is fixed by law.

As for the "right to be heard", the Paper pays special attention to the Internet, which the population consider as the "most important source" of information. At the end of last year, there were 309 million users of micro blogging. According to statistics, every day in social networks appears no less than 200 million messages. It is noteworthy that it became popular in China to spread dirt about the heads of different spheres in network. For example, suspiciously expensive watches on the officer’s hand, endless parties of ranking officials in restaurants or other. All these with the help of the Internet started to be acceptable for watching and knowing for millions of people.

It is stated in the White Papers that due to the great amount of the information that appears in the Internet every day, the last year there was accepted a Plan to strengthen the online information security. This steps lead to the total elimination of anonymity on different Internet sources. To participate in the discussions one need to register using his passport data.

The idea of the authorities was to establish control over the irresponsible dissemination of rumors and other unreliable information. But in reality, it turned out that, for example, bloggers, who spread the dirt on the officer could potentially suffer from the corruptionists’ vengeance.

In addition, many foreign servers that offer to avoid censorship and open blocked sites in the country, found themselves unavailable.

By the way, such a White Paper, the PRC government has been published recently, in response to a sharp and sustained criticism from the West, accusing Beijing of numerous violations in this area.

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