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Such politically dangerous words as “today”, “tomorrow”, “big yellow duck” were prohibited in Chinese Internet.

Chinese authorities have increased censorship over the Internet on the eve of the anniversary of the tragic events at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, where in 1989 a peaceful demonstration of students was brutally suppressed. Hundreds of them were dead.

Starting on Monday in popular micro blogging service - Sina Weibo ( Chinese analog of Twitter) search requests that include such words as “today”, “tomorrow”, “this year”, “special day” and also different combinations of numbers that can mean June 4, 1989, for example 6 - 4, 64, 63 + 1, 65 – 1, writes The Guardian.

Instead of the search results users got a message like this “the results of the current request cannot be shown concerning a law”.

However users were trying to circumvent the ban using indirect links for the tragedy. One of such way was using pictures. One of them is the famous photograph made at Tiananmen Square in 1989 - three green tanks and a man standing in front of them. To deceive the censors, users have restored the scene, using parts Lego Kit.

The other picture shows the tank instead of a big yellow inflatable duck - art installation created by the Dutch sculptor Florentino Hoffman as a symbol of the lack of boundaries between people and countries.

However, most of these images were also removed by censors later. The words "big yellow duck" have been blocked in the second half of the day on Tuesday.

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