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China intends to straighten up the Internet control

According to a web resources, Chinese authorities considered the possibility of the adoption of legal measures, aimed at “stopping rumors and vulgarity spreading”

We should remind that in the beginning of the current year the rule that had micro blogers to register stating their real identifying data came into a force in China. It was made, as it was said, to secure Internet users interests and for the improvement of the trust in the web”. This measure, according to the authorities will not harm the development of micro blogs but will make such services better”. If the subscriber refuse to state his passport data and the phone number he won’t be able to leave any comments.

This offered rules will oblige users to prove their identity concluding any agreement on getting services for access the Internet. The matter is about both fixed lines and mobile Internet. It is not known yet how this new measures will be realized in practice. Observers notes that Chinese citizens are obliged to provide documents signing the contracts with the Internet-providers.

However, any additional limitations, according to user’s point of view, will negatively effect a development of the Internet sphere and will limit the freedom of speech in more intense. Even now Chinese web companies use special programs for a content monitoring, messages with “illegal content” blocking and deleting. “Politically unconscious” posts, “provocative publications’ etc. are filtered and deleted.

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